Arla S. Wallace, Ph.D., MFT

Dr. Wallace combines exceptional professional qualifications with over 30 years of clinical experience to provide sensitive support, personal exploration, and specific problem solving for her clients. Dr. Wallace offers specializations in individual, couples and family therapy, evaluation of children with symptoms of Reactive Attachment Disorder, and the personal development of exceptionaly creative adults.

In her practice, Dr. Wallace pioneered the application to adults of the theory of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). From the 1977 publication of her thesis, the first on the subject, and subsequent work directly with Dr. John Bowlby, the founder of the RAD field, she has continuously and successfully treated patients with unrecognized issues that can be traced back to childhood or infant attachment disruptions. Often this is the key to progress where other techniques have failed.

In response to the increasing demands on everyone's schedules, weekend counseling is now available. When indicated, this can include marathon sessions for couples, families, and individuals.

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